Recent growing concern with the security and safety of the cloud storage, no one dares to upload important files like financial statement, password lists, bank account details and personal intimate private photos, etc. Our secure metallic USB all-in-1 Power Executive Pen provides the ultimate solution. It has 2 options for secure storage with a self-defined password or an open storage to access easily (no password). More to suit further mobile needs, we are adding the On-The-Go (OTG) USB adapter cable, at no extra cost to facilitate those always on the roads to link with the SmartPhones, Tablets, Cameras.


~As seen in the American Specialty Institute business edition~



Please click here to check details and on-line demo clips,

We offer 2 models, either

1. Universal standard USB + OTG adapter cable to suit all purposes indoor and outdoor or on the roads; OR

2. Mini USB OTG to satisify the mobility spree

On-The-Go (OTG) facility: accompanying USB OTG adapter cable to read/write/transfer files or folders between mobile device and our pen

Security: easy swap in secure or non-secure storage, security will apply when evoking the embedded software, password self-defined

Outlook: unique, unparalleled, top-noched crafted, elegantly carrying and using with pride

Engineering: precision swiveling pen tip, reversing stylus cap, wood fibre fingers pad, changeable ink

Convenience: assured storage in USB 8GB, reversing touch screen stylus. all in 1

Flexible ordering: 10pc -500 pc in 3-7days delivery, 8GB silver USB2.0

Warranty: timeless support and 10 years warranty against hardware failure



Optional customization available, please ask (might require volume ordering quantity)

1. black or blue pen shells or any optional colour or finish

2. logo imprint

3. packaging

4. other OTG adapter plug-in for iOS

Healthier and more successful times to come!



Fred Wai


Lucas Industries Limited

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