Product|GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS Demo :

Setting up & Main features (LGS002A)    

This demo includes:

(1) Set-up with the stand

(2) Switch-on

(3) Main features (multimedia player and communication)

  • Navigation

  • TV

  • Music

  • Movie

  • Photo

  • eBook

  • Flash

  • Game

  • Tools (Calendar, Calculator, Unit)

  • Setting (Vol/Backlight/Language/Radio/Date-Time/Calibration/Sys info/USB/Factory reset/Navigation Path)

  • Alarm

  • Unit info

(4) Selection of target destination address

Live navigation (LGS002A)    


This demo includes:

(1) Starting location (by auto satellite search)

(2) Navigation course

  • Voice direction alert (turn, straight ahead, diverse into new road with approx distance ahead)

  • Taking different route other than GPS preset route to test inter-active adjustment

  • Highway speed notice

  • Whereabouts speed camera alarm on highway

  • Exceeding speed limit alarm

  • Notice arriving destination address




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