The paperless tool for all sketches

Handy, simple, easy

at work, school, home



Some examples to use eBOARD™

in the office, studio, canteen, school, home

for business, work and fun

Menu - home/restaurant-bar

Calculation/budget - school

Alert/reminder - office/home


Sketch /notes - office/meeting

Ideas/thoughts/design - studio

Fun drawing - school/home

Short demo video (2.58 min)

Order a box



 Standard packing  :

  100 packs in a box

  Each pack is a card box consists of a protective foam bag to hold 1 eBoard with 1 stylus pen and bedded 1 lithium


  Each pack weighs appx 250gr, 1 export  carton 30KG


Technical & production specs:

  •  Shape design to fit for palm holding or desktop working

  • Drawings or messages written on eBoard will not vanish until hit the 'trash or clear' button

  • 3V lithium battery life to last 2 years

  • Each eBoard net weight 110gr

  • Each pack gross weight 250gr

  •  Must use the provided stylus pen to write or draw on the eBoard, any others may damage the LCD screen

  • Avoid eBoard from direct sunlight, and separate from heavy object while storage

  • Standard color in green, other colors for 1,000 eBoards or more

  • Logo imprint or label are available at cost, please ask

  • Recommend necessary care watching children while using the eBoard


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