Grab a box: LPD091 USB wristband, accordion style

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  • 4GB storage capacity

  • each packed in a poly bag, 10pc in a bundle, 5 bundles in an inner box, shipped in double-ply export box

  • warranty: timeless against hardware defect

  • flash memory by original manufacturing source

  • logo imprint, preview etc available

  • preloading available

  • ask for customization (flash storage size, packaging, delivery arrangement, logo graphic, technical matters)

  1. 100pc in a box at US$5.85/pc delivered by air, totaling US$580/box, including H&S

  2. 200pc in a box at US$5.75/pc delivered by air totaling US$1,150/box including H&S

  3. 300pc in a box at US$5.70/pc, delivered by air totaling US$1,710/box including H&S

  4. 400pc in a box at US$5.65/pc, delivered by air totaling US$2,260/box including H&S,

  5. 500pc in a box at US$5.55/pc, delivered by air totaling US$2,775/box including H&S; plus optional choice of available 1 color, logo imprint 1 color free (no setup fee)

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