LAV023 White: (7" screen) Photo Viewer

Flat panel, no screw, no nail, compact, slim



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Technical Configuration (Option: wine/black/blue panel)

Crystal clear A grade TFT LCD screen

Viewable screen area: 15.3x8.6cm

Auto-slide show, one by one, zoom in-out, rotate 90, 180, 360 degrees

Multi-languages (15 countries)

Wallpaper using favorite stored photo or clock (analog or digital) display

3 simple buttons with convenient downward direction slots

Innovative compact shell case in light weight, 0.60kg

Unit measurement: 21x14.2x2.2cm

Detachable stand pole

Warranty: standard 12 months + timeless technical assistance and support

CE, FCC, RoHS compliant                                                         Demo same as LAV024U, click here see on-line


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