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Demo and Sampling

News: we create with passion, respond with dedication, and commit with quality to meet the needs of the global market


We strive persistently in meeting market needs, with all possible resources and evolving technology. From time to time, we are updating and sharing latest product development through regular periodic newsletter, and Twitter. We have our growing community and wish to keep all of us in touch!

Privacy policy

We respect everyone's privacy whilst appreciate the merit of this internet era. All our communication, newsletter, and correspondence are done in accordance with the universal legitimate business activity requirement with tracking reference, our contact details and easy un-subscription option.  Each interactive request is processed and audited within the soonest time manually by our marketing team. Free speech, no fraud, no scam.




Bonus Scheme:                                                                                                                                                   

Free units, free sampling process, waive additional work cost, much more for loyal customers.


the paperless writing, drawing, calculation, notes sketch board


.the intelligent mobile remote control-1 takes all, indoor or outdoor, near or far far away

Newsletter-Executive Power Pen

discerning the daring unique, metallic Executive Power Pen, captivating abundant features with computing, signing, writing, telephoning, archiving, gaming and lots more, plus OTG and pwd protected for all desktops, tablets, cell phones in-outdoors, available in 4-32GB


top up more telephoto fun, the Microscopic Eye, the Wide Angle Eye, the Fish Eye, fit for any camera in cell phone or tablet

Newsletter-Executive Power Pen

no chance for nightmare and risk, important files, favourite musics, loved photos, and enjoyable videos are as safe as your wallet/purse with you always

Newsletter-Ultimate solution other than cloud storage

adding On-The-Go adapter cable to our secure metallic USB all-in-1 Power Executive Pen, meeting mobility needs

Newsletter-A blend of handcraft & technology

Executive Power Pen, use with pride, best value!

Newsletter-Inside beauty

Executive Power Pen, all-in-1 for signing, writing, computing, telephoning and more ...first in the world market, the reversing stylus cap, swiveling pen tip, USB

Back to business after CNY holiday at new location, new numbers in Calf., US

Our NAFTA office is re-locating to California, more sunshine and breeze

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