Metallic USB Secured Pens:

Executive Power Pen-carrying with pride and use with convenience


-as seen in the American Specialty Institute (ASI) business edition-

Top of class, a blend of handcraft & technology

skillfully crafted, finely polished;

 storage secured by password (optional).

Introducing 2 plug type, the U-type (Universal standard) USB and the O-type (Micro OTG) USB plug, plus 2 card slots card reader to meet mobility needs fitting all portable devices like SmartPhones, Tablets, Cameras working with Desktop computers

Can't leave phone without


Computing, telephoning, writing, signing, archiving,

gaming in-outdoors, files direct sharing & transfer locally without network


Introducing 2 USB plug types

1. Micro (O-type, OTG ) USB plug model; or
2. Universal (U-type, standard) USB plug model




No dirty hand, no fingerprint, no accidental nail scratch for all capacitive touch screen


Executive power pen






  Demo - 'Inside Beauty'








Characteristic features:

  • 4GB-64GB

  • USB2.0 or USB3.0

  • Introducing 2plug types, the U-type and the O-type:

  • Adding 2 plug slots card reader to serve with mobile devices, like SmartPhones, Tablets, Cameras.

  • Value-enhanced customization: secured by controlled password, private and public partitions, corporate advertisement or promotional video preloading available

  • Small order in bundle bulk packed (please check whenever running stock to fit)

  • Customization and logo imprint (laser engraving, pad print, embossing) available

  • Metallic alloy (aluminum, steel, and copper)

  • Top gear rubberized for precision and accurate positioning

  • Standing color in black or silver, customized colors for 1,000pc or more

  • Gift pack in blister or small box (please ask)

  • Warranty: timeless defect under proper usage

Technical & production specs:

205gr net 200gr net

15(L)x1.8(W)cm F1.3cm

15(L)x1.8(W)cm F1.3cm

Steel, alloyed metal

Steel, alloyed metal

Gross package weight 255gr (0.255KG) Gross package weight 250gr (0.25KG)


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