Sample request: VisCorder, LAV039

Sample payment by Credit Card via PayPal

1 box in retail box including H&S, or


Bundle samples (1-9) packed in retail boxes  including H&S (air)


Please allow 21days to arrive by air throughout Canada, Mexico & U.S.(NAFA), subject to sample batch may last.


Regular order quotation and OEM project details will be provided swiftly upon inquiry, if kindly specify estimated in-hands date and desirable project quantity:

Respective regular shipment can be arranged by air or sea, blind (pulled invoice), split transport bills, etc


For assured result and safe sample ordering purchase, please email following details:

(1) Number of box (sample set)

(2) Name

(3) Email address responsible for payment

(4) Full address

  • We shall confirm your sample order with our Proforma Invoice

  • Payment request will be sent by PayPal under our Corporate name indicating the respective Proforma Invoice reference

  • Delivery tracking information will be provided if payment is realized. We have alternate arrangement for the Rest of World

  • Send above details by clicking with confidence

  • If you do not receive anything from us after 25 hours, please ring us to check the status, (215) 764 6128

We shall process and confirm within 24 hours.


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