VisCorder : LAV039

Product details and Technical specs





Characteristic featuring:

  • Wireless

  • Easy mount up and simple operation

  • Minimum care; rainwater and sunshine resistant

  • On the wall, door, or at the counter or desktop with the extendable stand at the back of VisCorder

  • Door bell alarm available in various pattern, music, tone, or light; included with the main device

  • Door bell button activates the VisCorder

  • Screen will display a request (both in text and in voice) for name, telephone number and purpose of the visit

  • Setup options:

    • 10 languages (default: English, others are Arabic, Chinese, Danish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish)

    • Password formulation

    • Reset

  • Dual energy: dry battery, (6x2A) or DC (5V)

  • Retrieve to read with password

  • Recording length session upto 1 minute, automatically stop and back to standby mode

  • Maximum storage upto 20 recordings; auto deletion with previous ones by first-in and first-out

  • Extendable sun and rain shade

  • USB slot

  • Using ABS resin for the outer case, and silicon PU for the buttons

  • Welcome any customization in color, in shape, and in languages

  • Logo imprint available in monochrome or full color( pad-print, screen print, or laser engraving)

  • Warranty: 12 month (except the nand flash memory)

Technical specs:

  • 2.5" bright color TFT screen

  • Built-in 1GB nand flash memory

  • 300K px wide angle camera

  • Sensitive mic

  • Speaker

  • Buttons: door bell, play, menu/exit, downward, and reset

  • LED indicator: blue and red

  • Separate door bell included inside the gift box

  • Accessory: DC power cord with adapter international voltage, user guide, battery drawer, sun/rain shade

  • Measurement:

    • VisCorder, 125(L)x100(H)x4.4(W)

    • Door bell, 8(L)x8(H)x1.5(W)

  • Weight:

    • VisCorder, 0.78KG net (battery not included)

    • Door bell, 0.25KG net (battery not included)


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