VisCorder : LAV039


A restless receptionist on-duty 24hr throughout days & weeks -


When telephone does not hook up, our VisCorder will satisfy your entrance guard, capturing live information of arriving guest/s

Being away from work, from home, or at an unattended area, VisCorder will work 24/7/365 at the entrance to alarm, to capture, and to collect all arriving informative live messages & data. It will only report to the authorized reader/s through customized password. It is wireless, powered by batteries or DC. Simple mount on the wall or put at the reception desk. It will work instantly and restlessly!


VisCorder has 2 major parts, (1) the main unit (2) the door bell. VisCorder will work as a door bell and will activate to ask the visiting guest/s to leave the name, the telephone number and the visiting purpose by a local language text and respective voice hint, English is the default setting, 9 other languages available. Recording session will take about 1 minute. Even though if the visiting guest does not voice out to respond, live video has already been captured by VisCorder.


It is innovatively designed and created, operated through a tailored software, with top-geared electronic components, housed in ABS resins and comfortable keynotes. Option of preferable colors are available up to 1K pieces. Standard color is light grey, and charcoal black.


See following 15 applicable scenarios

Where to put ?

  1. Work or Office

  2. Home

  3. Clinic

  4. Patient or elderly room

  5. Shops/libraries

  6. Storage or wharehouse

  7. Any unattended reception counter or entrance desk

  8. Empty corridor or staircases

When to use?

  1. Away from home

  2. Lunch, meeting, holiday or rest hours from work

  3. Registering entry for waiting list

  4. Request assistance, either medical or attentive reception

  5. Knowing the known or unknown visitors

  6. Attendance records and statics

How to retrieve?

  1. When visiting guest hit the bell button, the door bell will alarm

  2. VisCorder will display a short text to request the visitor to leave the name, telephone number and the purpose of the visit. At the same time, a voice will also hint the same to ensure the displaying text has not been ignored. English is the default language, 9 9 other languages available

  3. VisCorder will capture automatically through a 30-40degree video shot for 1 minute and will store the footage pending user's retrieval. A blue LED light will flash to remind there is an unread recording

  4. Customized password to retrieve the recording. It is secure and safe

  5. 20 recordings are the maximum storage. Larger capacity is possible on OEM request up to 640 recordings. The system will automatically erase the oldest recording on first-in-first-out when reaching its maximum. Selective stored recording can be exported via PC or Notebook through USB for useful custody


When telephone does not hook up,

our VisCorder will satisfy your entrance guard

Home -

Young inviting neighbour


Home - Young inviting neighbour:

Clara! See my new pet, my dad just bought for me. Just drop by to have fun with you. Come and help to give it a name!

Home -

Thoughtful neighbor

Home - Thoughtful neighbor:

I think what you have suggested is successful, except there might be some little improvement. Look, so glad we can do it together!

Home -



Home - Leave a live message for where about:

Sweetheart, I am sneaking out for 3 hours with my gang. Hope the washer will be empty, and I would not be so muddy when home!

Home -

Loss of key


Home - Loss of key:

Mum, can't find my key. I'll be with Amanda till you return.

Work or Office -


Work or Office - Non Delivery:

Good morning! We have a packet for Obama of US Corporation. The reference is ABC987. Please call xxx-xxxx xxx to arrange re-delivery at the time best suits you or you may want to collect yourself. We shall be back this afternoon around 15.00.

Work or Office -

Associate drops by


Work or Office - Associate drops by:

Kim. Just get out from the sales meeting. Can't wait to tell you they like your idea. I have Joe's estimated figures here. Bring 2 coffees to my room as soon as you are back!

Work or Office -

Out for lunch or holiday


Work or Office - Visiting client while out for lunch or holiday:

Hello, we are new in this area looking for a small apartment with 2 rooms along the main street, 6-12 months rental. Do you have any immediate offer? Ring me, Yokohama at xxx xxx xxxx, thank you!

Work or Office -

Out for lunch or holiday


Work or Office - Visiting client while out for lunch or holiday:

I never thought you guys 5 minutes earlier. Is it Romano's pub? Meet you there!

Work or Office -

Out for lunch or holiday

Work or Office - Visiting client while out for lunch or holiday:

Oops, blame my watch? I didn't realize it is lunch hour. I am in the neighborhood. I shall return after an hour. By the way, my name is Jeff. It is about the floor tiles in my house at ShipYard I talked with Clement 2 weeks ago.

Request for assistance -

medical attention


Request for assistance - medical attention:

(Patient bell for service and to leave all live tracking records)

Sir, I am your duty doctor, Dr. Dawnson and come to see you because you have just rung the bell. What do you need, and how are you feeling?

Unattended reception -

request for service upon arrival


Unattended reception - request for service upon arrival:

(Arriving guest/s bell for service and to leave all live tracking records)


Customized hint or reminder is available

Duty attendance -

regular medical visit

Duty attendance - regular medical visit:

(Leave all live tracking records)

This is Dr. Junior to enter Ward 88 for routine service

Duty attendance -

security patrol


Duty attendance - security patrol:

(Leave all live tracking records)

Report to center, this is Carl. I am at the backdoor. The warehouse is normal.

Duty check point attendance -

empty corridor, staircases


Duty check point attendance - empty corridor, dark corner, staircases

(Bell to alert checkpoint has been covered, leave all live tracking records)



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