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Whitelist :
Welcome to our community. We do not send SPAM! We are keeping each of us in close touch with our latest evolving technological development and product alert. Please mark us in your SafeSender list to ensure our newsletter arrives in time, not dumping into your Junk Mail box.


(1) We are member of anti-spam alliances both in China, and in U.S.

(2) This website is whitelisted by filtering all possible external advertising pop-ups,

     unwanted windows or banners along the internet highway. We shall continue

     our best endeavor from time to time


Sharing some safety and comfortable browsing tips


(A) While surfing over the internet at some websites, even though you have enabled the blocker for pop-up, you still see unwanted small windows of advertisement either replaced the original pictures or at the foot of the webpage or there were underlined links of common words, it is likely your browser is being compromised or the visiting website is not whitelisted. The quickest and simplest way is to switch to the latest IE browser. If you have your favorite preferred browser, cleaning its historic records in cache, temp and browsing history. Restart the browser.


(B) Ad-Block Plus is a good tool which is a free extension to be installed on the browser. It can be installed easily to Chrome, FireFox. Get it from Google site or Ad-Block Plus official website: https://adblockplus.org


(C) Cloud storage is getting hot and popular. Beware when uploading your banking statement, personal data and confidential content, in particular your passwords list. Think twice and must be manipulative with them. Treat them like a purse or wallet. USB drive is a good way.


(D) Getting unwanted hyperlinks while browsing, they are all over very common words and it is utterly annoying. Here is the easily resolved as suggested by many forums, i.e. It seems the problem coming from http://intext.nav-links.com and add it to the filter in the AdBlock. Restart the browser.


Blue skies, and safe browsing!


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Lucas Industries Limited




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