WonderLENs:more telephoto fun



Versatile fit any built-in camera with cell phone  or tablet


Safe, handy, simple, easy


The Microscopic Eye

The Wide Angle Eye

The Fish Eye

in a pouch kit plus a versatile clip




Italy, Japan, France, Korea ,Singapore & Kentucky, U.S. consider Selfie Stick is offensive and intercepting, banned carrying, selling and using in some public areas & tourist hotspots

Microscopic Eye

Wide Angle Eye

Fish Eye

Microscopic Eye

Wide Angle Eye

Fish Eye

                    Watch the short demo video (1.30 minutes)



Grab a box



Standard packing in a box :

  • 100 pouch kits

  • Each pouch is sewed with soft protective cloth material

  • Each pouch kit consisting 3 Eyes (Microscopic Eye, Wide Angle Eye, Fish Eye)

  • Extra 2 Eye lid covers

  • 1 versatile clip

  • Each pouch kit weighs appx 50gr, 1 box  5.5KG

Characteristic and technical specs:

  • Optical glass

  • Macro len at 0.67X

  • Aperture 1.5-2M

  • Fish Eye len 180 degree

  • Recommend to clean the lens from time to time with distilled water to keep clear output result

  • Use tender and soft cloth to wipe lens

  • Standing color in black, other customized colors for 1,000pc or more

  • Gift pack in blister or small box, logo imprint are available at cost, please ask

  • Warranty: 1 year defect under proper usage, not including scratched, broken or missing lens

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